Stables and brewery premises in Valeč

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Intro of the project

The production of beer on the premises of the brewery in Valeč was terminated in 1932 after the complex was taken over by a competing brewery. Afterwards, the complex was used for storage and was not been maintained in any way for several decades. The main building of the brewery with the brewhouse was demolished in the 1950s and the former brewery complex was preserved primarily as a fermentation room and stables. The municipality succeeded in gaining a private investor to restore the fermentation facility. Even though Valeč has fewer than 400 inhabitants, including the population of the adjacent villages, the municipality decided to renovate the stables and the surrounding grounds on its own with aid from the Regeneration and Business Use of Brownfields programme of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which will cover nearly 95% of the costs.

The unmaintained stables, situated practically in the centre of the town, formed a barrier between the grounds of the state-owned Valeč chateau and the residential areas of the town, thus preventing visitors from fully utilising the services in the area of the chateau and the town’s residents from easily accessing the chateau park. At the same time, it negatively affected the appearance of the town, which is a municipal conservation zone. Thanks to the project, three separated business units will be established together with facilities for employees. The project also includes the regeneration of the surrounding grounds including the planting of public green spaces. Revitalisation of the brownfield site is currently underway.

Basic info

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    Total: 33 500 000 Kč Donations: 31 800 000 Kč City resources: 1 700 000 Kč
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