Vindyš Factory

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| Business, Multifunction

Intro of the project

The Vindyš Factory opened in 1910 and gained fame primarily for its production of gym equipment, such as climbing poles, parallel bars, vaulting bucks and mats, which can still be found in some gyms today. The 8,500 m2 complex was leased a few years ago by the family-owned company Ski a Bike Centrum Radotín.

With the participation of another private investor, the company transformed the brownfield into a multifunctional complex containing not only a sporting goods store, but also a restaurant, a children’s playground, lookout towers and pump tracks for cyclists. For its successful renovation, the building was named a finalist in the 2020 Czech Architecture Award competition and the restaurant’s interior won the international BIG SEE Interior Design Award in 2021.

The costs of the brownfield’s revitalisation were covered with private funding. The investor does not wish to disclose the amount of the investment costs.

Basic info

  • Location
  • Investor
    Ski a Bike Centrum Radotín s.r.o., (85%), Pavel Bouška, 15%
  • Proposal
  • Investment costs
    Total: 0 Kč
  • Usage
    Business, Multifunction
  • Start of implementation/construction
  • Opening

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