Brownfields present an opportunity.
We will guide you through each phase of the development project.


Jozef Síkela, Minister of Industry and Trade

“Investments in brownfields make it possible to reuse neglected sites for meaningful projects and help boost the development of the regional economy, thus strengthening the competitiveness of Czechia as a whole. In cooperation with CzechInvest, we therefore provide support for the preparation, implementation and financing of brownfield revitalisation projects through aid programmes.”

Find inspiration in other successfully implemented projects.

We will assist you with everything, from the complicated beginnings to successful project implementation.

We can help you with, for example:

  • Consulting on the preparation and implementation of development projects on brownfield sites.
  • Consultations regarding appropriate means of financing the revitalisation of a brownfield.
  • Contact with a broad range of experts, specialist institutions and representatives of the public administration and local authorities.
  • Registration of a brownfield in the database for the purposes of obtaining state aid or for offering the site to investors.
  • Conducting data analyses of the brownfield and business environments in Czechia.
  • Formulation of offers of brownfields and other business properties for investors.

Brownfield environment

Join us in looking into the issue of brownfields. Are you interested in knowing what exactly the term “brownfield” means? What the state’s strategy is for revitalising unused sites in Czechia? Or what all the process of brownfield revitalisation involves? You can find out here.


CzechInvest administrates the National Brownfields Database and provides advisory support for the preparation, implementation and financing of development projects.


The Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy and provides both direct and indirection financial support for the revitalisation of brownfields, particularly for business and industrial use.