Pragovka Art District

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Intro of the project

Since 2006, the 22-hectare site of the former Pragovka complex in Prague’s Vysočany district has gradually become a progressive art and media district that provides facilities for art studios, creative businesses, galleries and numerous social and gastronomic events. Thanks to its combination of business and leisure environments, it is a unique place that is attracting more and more attention. The concept also includes the revitalisation of the entire area, which should lead to the creation of a multifunctional district in Prague.

In addition to art studios, the complex contains a café, seasonal beer garden, covered skatepark, rugby pitch and twelve event spaces. The site annually receives more than 40,000 visitors. 

Pragovka is financially secured by a real estate company and the owners of the administrative buildings. One of the sources of income is the rent that artists pay for use of the studios. In the future, another source of income will be derived from the rental of commercial premises. The project is financially supported by Prague City Hall and the municipal district of Prague 9, among other entities.

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    Mount Capital s.r.o
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    Business, Multifunction
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