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Intro of the project

The brewery in Litoměřice was built in 1739. Beer production ended there in 2002 and the premises subsequently remained unused and fell into a state of disrepair. In 2004, the City of Litoměřice purchased the  bottling facility and later acquired the rest of the complex with the aim of preventing its inappropriate use or sale in parts and bringing the brewery back to life. 

Due to financial difficulty, the revitalisation of the complex with a total area of approximately 0.27 ha was carried out gradually. The first phase involved building A (the former bottling plant), where renovations and structural modifications with connections to the technical infrastructure were carried out, which led to the establishment of a mini-brewery (brewhouse, mill room, facilities for employees, warehouse, water-management facilities and boiler room). For the actual renovation, which was carried out from January to December 2019, the city received aid from the Regeneration and Business Use of Brownfields programme of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The City of Litoměřice subsequently leased the repaired brewery to a company owned by the Hutár family, who renewed the tradition of brewing here after 18 years of inactivity. 

In 2022, the City of Litoměřice initiated the next stage of the complex’s revitalisation, again with support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Construction works began at the beginning of May 2022 and completion of the project is planned for October 2024.

Basic info

  • Location
  • Investor
    City of Litoměřice
  • Proposal
  • Investment costs
    Total: 22 450 000 Kč Donations: 11 475 000 Kč City resources: 10 975 000 Kč
  • Usage
  • Vision
  • Building permit
  • Start of implementation/construction
  • Opening

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