House on the Corner business incubator in Valašské Klobouky

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Intro of the project

The building called “Dům na rohu”, or the “House on the Corner”, was an unfinished structure that had originally been intended to serve as a multifunctional building. The aim of the project was to revitalise the building and adjacent areas into an inspiring business environment with a café and bistro, offices and a multifunctional public space including a terrace. The House on the Corner operates as a business incubator and has 16 offices for innovative companies from the region. With its focus on existing tenants, the facility presents itself as a centre for crafts, services and the creative industries.

The complete renovation of the building took approximately two years and included the demolition of part of the roof structure and trusses, some of the interior partitions and all of the doors, window panes and other parts of the building that were in a state of serious disrepair. This was followed by reinforcement of the foundations, general waterproofing and chemical grouting to prevent moisture penetration. Insulation and repair of the façade were also carried out. Inside the building, a new staircase and elevator shaft were installed and the ceiling between the 3rd and 4th floors was structurally reinforced. The building was connected to all utility networks and received new wiring and sanitary facilities.

The city of Valašské Klobouky implemented the project with support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Aid from the Regeneration and Business Use of Brownfields programme covered approximately 78% of the project costs.

Basic info

  • Location
  • Investor
    Valašské Klobouky
  • Proposal
  • Investment costs
    Total: 27 000 000 Kč Donations: 21 000 000 Kč City resources: 6 000 000 Kč
  • Usage
  • Vision
  • Building permit
  • Start of implementation/construction
  • Opening

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