Coal mill and boiler plant in Libčice

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Intro of the project

The coal mill built at the beginning of the 20th century is located northwest of Prague in the Screw Plant complex in Libčice. Originally, coal was ground here into a fine powder, which was subsequently used for the final treatment of bolt rigidity and for combustion in the adjacent boiler plant. The entire Screw Plant complex was nationalised in 1948, privatised in 1992 and went bankrupt in 2003.

The mill building was purchased in 2010 by LUGI s.r.o. together with architect Patrik Hoffman. The careful conversion of the building was completed two years later with aid from EU Structural Funds (Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation – Properties). In 2013, the conversion was awarded the Grand Prix of architects and a special prize of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the third edition of the Czech Architectural Awards. Today, the Coal Mill is an inspiring space for all lovers of design and architecture where we can find a store with Scandinavian furniture and a gallery of contemporary art. 

In the period 2014–2017,  transformation of the two boiler-plant buildings was carried out in close proximity to the Coal Mill, though this time without subsidy support. The renovation of the industrial facility from 1921 brought about the creation of a 300 m2 event space for holding the broadest range of corporate, social and cultural events. The oldest original building, from 1880, was converted into a two-floor restaurant with an area of 500 m2. The building’s basement spaces are also utilised. 

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Basic info

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    Total: 13 688 000 Kč Private: 5 564 000 Kč Donations: 8 124 000 Kč
  • Usage
    Business, Civic amenities, Multifunction

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