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Intro of the project

The Obecník tavern was in almost continuous operation in the town of Raškovice from 1880 until March 2008, when the building was severely damaged by fire. The building subsequently lay unused for several year and fell into a state of disrepair, and the town hall sought a suitable source of funding for its restoration. One of the options considered was to convert the former tavern into a community centre for families with children. In the end, however, the variant focused on business use won out.

The building was then converted into a restaurant facility with a banquet room, including a kitchen and a children’s corner. It also includes an auditorium with a stage and audio equipment. Thanks to the implementation of the project, Raškovice gained a space for meetings of local residents and for cultural and social events, which had long been missing in the town. The municipal library is housed in the building’s comfortable attic. 

Implementation of the project was made possible by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. Aid from the Regeneration and Business Use of Brownfields Project covered more than 50% of the investment costs.

Basic info

  • Location
  • Investor
    City of Raškovice
  • Proposal
  • Investment costs
    Total: 33 880 000 Kč Donations: 18 001 320 Kč City resources: 15 878 680 Kč
  • Usage
  • Vision
  • Building permit
  • Start of implementation/construction
  • Opening

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